Friday, 21 October 2011

Other Stuff

Amongst the other stuff in my life are two dogs. Casper a 9 year old orange roan Cocker Spaniel and Moss a 7 year old Chocolate Labrador. The reason I mention them here is that I felt I just had to share this photo with other doggie lovers. Not sure what he intends to do next !!!!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Weight off my Mind

Jumped to this link by Pete Cohen, the GMTV life coach and weight loss guru.  . Made me clear my head and think about my real goals. Recently there seem to have been hundreds of goals all scrambling around in my head demanding my attention. So thank you to @petecohen. Today I will follow your other tweet 
"What's one thing that you are going to do for yourself today that is totally for you?" 
My first goal of today is ..... to look at my goals, decide which ones need to be binned, and bin them......, decide which ones are achievable and what I am going to do about them!
Already begining to feel in charge again.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Bra Shopping Experience

My recent obsession with underwear, in particular bras, reminded of a weekend trip to London a few years ago. I think the purpose of the trip was to attend some " posh do!!!!"
However my recollections of the said weekend do not include " the do" but instead my shopping trip.
While window shopping in Knightsbridge, I came across Rigby & Peller, their welcome, "At Rigby & Peller you can be sure to receive service fit for a Queen - just as you would expect from a company which has held the Royal Warrant since 1960."  a nudge from hubby and armed with a credit card, I embarked on a bra buying adventure!
The service as stated was second to none.
The luxurious surroundings, the buzz of quiet activity and the smiling ladies all added to the ambiance.
After being measured I was brought a selection of bras in a variety of shapes and sizes to try on until a comfortable well fit was achieved. My personal fitter gave me her full attention during my visit running back and forth with even more bras which fitted my narrow back and ample bosom.
The whole experience was one of pampering and indulgence. 
I left the store walking tall, feeling wonderful and swinging a Rigby & Peller Bag containing two bras!
Today, the two well worn and rather tatty bras, unworn for years now  remain in my underwear drawer as a reminder of my London trip, along with a great number of other bras of less significance. One of these days when I am feeling a little less reminiscent,
I might just get round to clearing it out!!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Blogging Brasnstuff Perth

Following a recent, rather depressing and frustrating shopping trip, I embarked on a mission.....  and so Brasnstuff was born. Having had a little experience of blogging I decided I should firstly increase my knowlege  and Googled Blogging !! Very soon I was all blogged out and headed back to blogger, where simplicity got my brain back on track. 
Why should I Blog I ask myself ?  Because I want to share my experiences with similar minded women and hear their stories, because everyone complains about bras but no-one seems to listen, because local department stores do not stock a selection of bras in my size, in fact the majority do not stock any in my size !
Good enough reasons for me to ask myself Why shouln't I Blog?